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We met in a place you would never expect
A place without caring of waste and neglect
We had no idea we would ever be us
The question of love was never discussed

You made your advances, and I made my own
Never aware of the seeds being sown
We made love in secret though everyone knew
I cherished your breathing, the essence of you

We made a life quickly and soon we were one
You made me a blessing, our firstborn, a son
You gave me more children than blessing allowed
And always stayed with me just as you had vowed

Time passes as always it seems its so fast
I try on in vain to slow its quick pass
The love we share daily ever has grown
Never again empty, and never alone

In all of the changes, and all we have shared
The faithful reminder is that we both dared
To gamble on love and to throw all to chance
And many years after still finding romance

As we age together the children will grow
We'll make love in secret, and no one will know
I'll make my advances, and you'll make your own
Ever aware of the seeds we have sown