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Welcome to the Led Zeppelin Heaven Webring Homepage!

Please read the instructions and warnings below!

There are a few qualifications for membership;

1. Your site must be a Led Zeppelin oriented website. Be it a Zeppelin Tribute Band, or simply a website with some Led Zeppelin content. I will also accept copy bands who play Zeppelin tunes!
2. You have to sign up with a Site I.D. (click on "Join" above) and you must place the ring code fragment on the page which you submit to us. You can have a "webrings page" but it must have a link that is prominent and clearly visible. This is only considerate toward those who are surfing the ring. If you have ever surfed through a webring that had members who didn't make the ring fragment accessable? You know what I mean!
3. You MUST place your chosen Site I.D. into the fragment in order for it to work. There are 6 places where this must be done. Each place says "siteid=home". Replace the word "home" with your individual Site I.D. in ALL 6 PLACES in the fragment.

3. You will need to save and upload the following gif's/jpg's to your root directory. Save them to your computer by simply right clicking on them and selecting "Save as".
Please dont change the names of the files! I have made the names as unique as possible but check to make sure you dont overwrite anything currently residing in your directory!

Pictures Needed For Ring;

2.gif 3.gif

Click here to see the fragment
as it will appear on your page!

Ring Fragment Code;

Cut and paste the code below!
<script language="JavaScript"> <!-- <!-- if (document.images) { image5on = new Image(); image5on.src = "2.gif"; image6on = new Image(); image6on.src = "2.gif"; image7on = new Image(); image7on.src = "2.gif"; image8on = new Image(); image8on.src = "2.gif"; image9on = new Image(); image9on.src = "2.gif"; image10on = new Image(); image10on.src = "2.gif"; image5off = new Image(); image5off.src = "3.gif"; image6off = new Image(); image6off.src = "3.gif"; image7off = new Image(); image7off.src = "3.gif"; image8off = new Image(); image8off.src = "3.gif"; image9off = new Image(); image9off.src = "3.gif"; image10off = new Image(); image10off.src = "3.gif"; otherImageDefault = new Image(); otherImageDefault.src = "1.gif"; otherImage5 = new Image(); otherImage5.src = "5next.gif"; otherImage6 = new Image(); otherImage6.src = "6previous.gif"; otherImage7 = new Image(); otherImage7.src = "7random.gif"; otherImage8 = new Image(); otherImage8.src = "8list.gif"; otherImage9 = new Image(); otherImage9.src = "9prev5.gif"; otherImage10 = new Image(); otherImage10.src = "10next5.gif"; } function changeImages() { if (document.images) { for (var i=0; i<changeImages.arguments.length; i+=2) { document[changeImages.arguments[i]].src = eval(changeImages.arguments[i+1] + ".src"); } } } // --> function MM_openBrWindow(theURL,winName,features) { //v2.0,winName,features); } //--> </script> <!-- HERE BEGINS THE PORTION THAT MUST BE CHANGED. CHANGE THE SITEID=HOME PORTION AND PLACE YOUR SITE ID IN PLACE OF HOME--> <TABLE HEIGHT="230" WIDTH="430" BORDER="7" BORDERCOLOR="GOLD"> <TR> <TD> <table background="4.jpg" height="220" width="420"> <tr> <td><a href=";siteid=home" target="_top" onMouseOver="changeImages('image5', 'image5on', 'otherImage', 'otherImage5')" onMouseOut="changeImages('image5', 'image5off', 'otherImage', 'otherImageDefault')"><img name="image5" src="3.gif" alt="" border=0 hspace="3"></a> </td> <td><a href=";siteid=home" target="_top" onMouseOver="changeImages('image6', 'image6on', 'otherImage', 'otherImage6')" onMouseOut="changeImages('image6', 'image6off', 'otherImage', 'otherImageDefault')"><img name="image6" src="3.gif" alt="" border=0 hspace="3"></a> </td> <td><a href=";siteid=home" target="_top" onMouseOver="changeImages('image7', 'image7on', 'otherImage', 'otherImage7')" onMouseOut="changeImages('image7', 'image7off', 'otherImage', 'otherImageDefault')"><img name="image7" src="3.gif" alt="" border=0 hspace="3"></a> </td> <td><a href=";siteid=home" target="_top" onMouseOver="changeImages('image8', 'image8on', 'otherImage', 'otherImage8')" onMouseOut="changeImages('image8', 'image8off', 'otherImage', 'otherImageDefault')"><img name="image8" src="3.gif" alt="" border=0 hspace="3"></a> </td> <td><a href=";siteid=home" target="_top" onMouseOver="changeImages('image9', 'image9on', 'otherImage', 'otherImage9')" onMouseOut="changeImages('image9', 'image9off', 'otherImage', 'otherImageDefault')"><img name="image9" src="3.gif" alt="" border=0 hspace="3"></a> </td> <td><a href=";siteid=home" target="_top" onMouseOver="changeImages('image10', 'image10on', 'otherImage', 'otherImage10')" onMouseOut="changeImages('image10', 'image10off', 'otherImage', 'otherImageDefault')"><img name="image10" src="3.gif" alt="" border=0 hspace="3"></a> </td> <!-- STOP EDITING HERE --> </tr> <tr> <td colspan="6"> <center><img src="1.gif" name="otherImage" height="117" width="200"> </td> </tr> </table> </TD> </TR> <tr> <td width="50%"> <font size="-2"><a href="">Join this webring!</a><br>Supported by <a href="">Crickrock!</a></font> </td> </tr> </TABLE> </CENTER> <!-- END RING FRAG -->

A few warnings about this fragment!

1. This fragment contains Javascript! The fragment seems to work anywhere you place it on the page! However DO NOT CHANGE ANYTHING IN THE FRAGMENT EXCEPT THE SITE I.D. (Follow the instructions above!)
2. If the fragment doesn't work on your site just send me an email and let me know what browser your using and so forth. I'll see what I can do.