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Superfundy believes the bible to be "The Inerrant Word Of God" and as such mans guide to God and therefore the final authority for ultimate truth.

Superfundy believes that the KJV is the word of God to the english speaking world and should be used as a baseline for doctrinal truth.

Superfundy believes that "Jesus Christ is the only way to God".

Superfundy believes that God is one God expressed in three persons. This doctrine is called "The Trinity" or "The Godhead".

Superfundy believes that "Jesus Christ is God", before, during, and after His incarnation and is right now seated at the right hand of God the Father.

Superfundy believes that Salvation is "By Grace Through Faith".

Superfundy defines "Grace" as "Unmerrited Favor" manifested as "Special Revelation".

Superfundy believes that "Jesus Christ died on a cross for sin".

Superfundy believes that Jesus Christ was buried in a tomb for three days and experienced a BODILY resurrection from the dead.

Superfundy believes in a literal "Heaven" and a literal "Hell".

Superfundy believes that Jesus Christ went to hell ONLY to preach the gospel to the "Spirits In Prison" and to "Set The Captives Free".

Superfundy believes that sin is atoned for by "The Blood of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ".

Superfundy believes in the total inability of man to reach God by his own merits, or to comprehend God and His word through his own fallible understanding. This doctrine is called "Total Depravity".

Superfundy believes in the ultimate sovereign will of God to call whom he will, and to harden whom he will. This doctrine is called "Predestination" or "Election".

Superfundy believes in the "Gifts of the Spirit" and their continuing relevence today.

Superfundy believes that the Holy Spirits "Indwelling" the believer, and the "Baptism Of The Holy Spirit", are two different occurances.

Superfundy believes in "The Five Fold Ministry" and the "Offices of Spiritual Authority".

Superfundy believes that "The Church" is "The Body Of Christ" and is made up of "The True Believers" from every denomination, race, creed, and walk of life. And that it cannot be restricted to any particular denomination, race, creed, or walk of life. And that it cannot be precisly identified by anyone but Jesus Christ Himself.